GL-AR300M add external Antenna


As i bought my gl-ar300m no external Antenna Version was available. I ordert two short IPEX 1.0 to Sma cables and 5DBi external Antenna, because i saw connectors on the Board. Can i just plug and Play the cables or is there a need to modify the Board to "Disable"the internal Antenna?

Tanks for your help

You cannot do that easily. You need a soldier to modify the board.

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Bumping an old post but I stumble an add for a GL-AR300M, not the -ext version. But it has external antennas, the router looks like on this Aliexpress link
Is that legit? do the antennas actually work while connected like this one a normal AR300M?
Thank you

The link you give is the -ext version.

Was the -ext released with whites antennas and labeled only GL-AR300M like this?:

To be honest, I am not sure.