GL-AR300M lite 5v pins

I’m planning to make my GL-AR300M lite run on battery. I cannot find power input in PCB except the micro usb port.

Is there a good point to tap 5v input in the pcb? Thanks

Doesn’t answer your question but what’s wrong in using the micro port?

I will put the battery inside without modifying the case. So i prefer to connect to board than the micro usb port

You may choose AR150 which has GND and 5V input pin. For AR300M, there is no such pin.

I’ve also seen 5v pins on GL-MT300A and GL-MT300N-V2. Are these port are directly connect to the 5v micro usb input power? are these ports can be used as 5v input pin? need to confirm before purchasing.

Thanks in advance

They can be used as 5V input and connected to Micro USB input.

thanks! just got my GL-MT300A, will try to supply the 5V pin as input.

I understand that, the USB port has 5V and GND, D+ D-, is the 5V in USB port is directly connected to the 5v input? I was referring for AR300M. thanks

No. The USB power is connected to internal regulators, not the 5V power input.

Only in old model 6416 USB power is connected directly to the 5V.

Thanks for the reply.