GL-AR300M - no internet access


Have just upgraded my GL-AR300M’s firmware from 2.2. to 3.024 because I don’t get internet access when connecting the minirouters OpenVPN client to my Asus’s OpenVPN server at home. This works perfect, and when connecting via wifi to the minirouter I have full access som my home. But “no internet access”.

This has worked earlied, but for unknown reasons it seems to stop.

Port 83 is not open, but I assume this is only of importance if I want to connect the other way, ie from my home to the minrouter to aministrate it remotely.

What can I do to re-establish the internet connection?

Can you take a look at your firewall and network configuration?
The /etc/config/firewall and /etc/config/network.

i have not changed anything in the configuration. It has worked before, but suddenly no more. As mentioned I can connect just fine to my home and log in to the router here. But when connecting via wifi to the mini-router it says “No internet access”. If this was a firewall issue I assume that I wouldn’t even be able to connect to the home server.

If you don’t have a particularly important configuration to keep, I suggest you restore the router to factory Settings.