GL-ar300m: No Shadowsocks in v.3.009

GL-ar300m with v. 3.009: Shadowsocks is no longer available in the 3.009 GUI.

The ‘gl-ss’ & ‘gl-ss-server’ packages are not available, (even after update).

The SS Setting Doc @ ‘Overview - GL.iNet Docs 3’ now no longer works.

Please update.

I am sure it is available, do you forgot clicking on update firstly?

As I said in the original post, clicking on ‘update’ is the very first thing I do. And what I always do.

However, one thing I did NOT do was to clean flash this latest version.

I have over 50 unique Wireguard client/server settings for the road, so in an effort to save time and hassle, I simply dirty flashed the latest version. However, to make SS work in v.3.009, a clean flash is 100% required…

Also found that to back up WG clients/servers: SFTP into /etc/config, then make a copy of ‘wireguard’ and ‘wireguard_server’, then flash the new v, then paste the two files to overwrite. Saves an hour+ of having to redo each of the clients in the new version.

So, for Shadowsocks: After a clean flash of v3.009, update/search/install the two gl-ss packages as described in the doc.

SS now working…