GL-AR300M not recognize modem ZTE R216-z

I bought a GL-AR300M, it does not recognize the pen usb TIM ITALIA 4G

and the Vodafone ITALIA modem ZTE R216-z, I have update

updated the openwrt-ar300m-nand-2.261 firmware but it still

shows ‘Please plug in your modem’, there is a way to make it

recognize ?

Alternatively, you could suggest a pen usb and pocket
that works

with my GL-AR300M.

this is my device

ZTE R216-z

Thank you and excuse my google english

Does anyone help me?

After search in Google, seems this model support tethering mode. So you can go to “Tethering” tab in the settings and find if there is any device there. If a device appears there, just click “submit” .

thanks alzhao for your reply, it actually turns out to be like USB 0 Tethering, I do tests and let you know