GL AR300M OpenVPN Client Issue


I’m having issues connecting to an OpenVPN server with the AR300M. Basically it connects but I cannot load certain websites (ie: all websites on google servers load but websites outside of that probably won’t load).

I know the VPN is working because i downloaded the open vpn client to my pc and it loads all the websites just fine. It’s just not working through the router.

I also have a NordVPN subscription and it does work perfectly on the router. So i cannot understand why i can’t get this openvpn that I have setup to work here.

Any suggestions?


Did you build this OpneVPN server yourself?

Can you check that packets are forwarded to the OpenVPN server when you access these websites with your client?

Pls check if the DNS is correct. Maybe set up customized dns server on the router and check.


Yes, I have created an OpenVPN server with an Asus Router.

How do I do this?


The DNS seems to be working fine as it is solving to the public address.

What is your ISP?

Generally if only some websites loads, it may be due to MTU. This happens if you use 4G network and vpn while having a wrong MTU settings.

Hello, the ISP is Sunrise (Switzerland).

I am not using a 4G Network tho.

How do I adjust the MTU?


Pls post the ovpn content and connection log to check further.

Can you see the AR300M connection on ASUS’ OpenVPN server?

Log in to the device using SSH and execute



Traceroute from the AR300M when connected to the VPN.

This is the traceroute from the ASUS router hosting the VPN server for the site I cannot reach when I connect through the AR300M.

This is the traceroute for google in the ASUS router where the OpenVPN server is hosted.

The AR300M has correctly sent the packets to the VPN server.
Please check the list of VPN clients on the VPN page of ASUS.
If the AR300M is visible, a VPN tunnel has been established. You should check the configuration and VPN logs on your ASUS router to resolve the issue of the VPN server not forwarding packets from the AR300M to the Internet.
Otherwise, the VPN tunnel has not been established. Please check the AR300M logs.

I was facing a similar problem. I have my own OpenVPN server on an Asus RT-AC66UB1. The server was set and configured using the Asus built in tool. The OpenVPN client file was installed in the AR300M. During quite some time I could connect to the VPN server without any problem and to surf through the web flawlessly, but since some time ago I was facing problems to access most of the websites and servers, but the connection to my OpenVPN server has been always established. While reading your posts I managed to understand that the problem might be coming from a DNS resolving issue, therefore I made this setting:

By doing this, my problems disappeared. This applies to the AR300M with 3.215 firmware as well as for the Mudi E750 with 3.215 firmware.
I hope this helps.

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