GL-AR300M temperature sensors

Hi, does the GL-AR300M platform provide any thermal sensors? If not, does the chipset provide it at all? I would like to be able to read and monitor the temperature. Thanks!

The QCA9531 datasheet (80-Y5377-1 Rev. B), doesn’t mention anything other than

“The QCA9531 provides an open loop power control based on an on-chip temperature sensor.”

so it looks like this isn’t exposed through registers.

I don’t know. But why do you want to monitor the temperature?

The device is getting warmer some times, and I wanted to see how much exactly and what is causing it.

Is the performance affected when it get warm? If not then it should be safe.

I haven’t measured the performance while getting warmer, actually this is why I wanted to have some temperature sensor (so that I can take some measurements and see if there is any correlation).

Are there any performance monitoring tools you recommend installing (since the web portal doesn’t provide any performance graphs etc).

For the performance, I just mean if the speed drops, connection breaks etc.