GL-AR300M trunk image?

Hi guys,

I have received my new GL-AR300M unit but I need OpenWRT DD trunk.

Is the valid image for the new GL-Ar300M units ? If not when will one be available.

Also update on external and PoE versions availability would be useful.

kind regards


I don’t have any answers to your questions, since I am currently looking at this product on Amazon, but could you please tell me a few things about it, specifically:

  1. How good is the WiFi range, and does it have lots of dropped packets like some reviews of the MT300A seem to suggest?

  2. Does the pre-installed firmware include SQM (fq_codel), since that’s the main reason I need a OpenWrt router?

I’ve heard that the pre-installed firmware is Barrier Breaker and I’m seeing conflicting info about whether it has SQM, or if Chaos Calmer SQM is better.


No. Don’t use AR300 firmware. It will not work with AR300M.

We will have external antenna version later but there will not be PoE version.


The pre-installed firmware don’t have SQM, but you can just install using opkg, opkg install sqm-scripts luci-app-sqm

All the stock firmware is CC1505