GL-AR300M: Upgrade 3.003 to 3.019 fails


Looks like 3.019 software is downloading fine but MD5 check verification fails.

I dont want to losse settings.

Pls advise how to proceed.


You can manually update by downloading the file to your computer first, and using the “local” tab in the upgrade page.

Here is the latest firmware with the vpn routing policy configuration page:


Still fails saying incorrect firmware.

Fail from LUCi interface too


Seems you are upgrading the Nand firmware using the Nor version (.bin).

Did you just click download from the UI or download manually? I mean the first time, not after Johnex asked.

You need to download the Nand version (.tar file) from


Thanks it worked.

could you send me a link to see what are the features / bug fixes in latest version from earlier?