Gl-ar300m usb not work

I have an OEM version of the product. It has no usb by default.
Then I added a usb.
Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 15.14.55
But it does not work. Use official firmware and plug in usb device,but it has no log.

What are its default component parameters?
Can anyone help me to make usb work?

U5 D13 D14 What component is this?

Sorry I am in the software side. Does not know hardware.

J16 is the PCI port, which on your board is a DNI. Your board is also missing some RLC component here is as the PCI-E is not populated…

GL-Inet tends to follow the reference platforms pretty well* on the QCA platforms…

Take a look at J9, the vias are there, along with stake support for the socket - these should be thru-hole, and they’ll be Vcc/TxD/RxD/GND

The uboot update on github should define the port for the 9531, and stock firmware should be good to go…

Where did you get this board from? What store did you buy it from?