GL-AR300M Wifi Goes On and Off

I am experiencing an issue with my GL-AR300M. I use it in WISP mode, it connects to a wifi signal and creates a new wifi network that I connect to. The problem I am experiencing is that the wifi signal starts to go on and off intermittently, I have to disconnect the power and switch it back on to get it to operate normally again. Has anyone experienced this? What could be the problem?


>>> What could be the problem?

The power supply.

Maybe the power adapter or the WISP connection.

Is the WISP signal good?

I started having the same issue after moving from one place to another (I am a full time RV’er). Not really sure why, but at the time I was using a VPN on my Tethered iPhone and a VPN on my Computer (i.e. VPN on both sides of the router). When I turned off the VPN at the Computer and left the VPN on the iPhone, that fixed it. I have also started a new way of dealing with the problem: I do a “backup” (under “systems” in Luci) of the firmware when it is working good and name it after the place/date of backup. Then, each time I find a problem at a place I am new to, I do a factory reset and start fresh - then do another backup (when all is working well) named after the place/date of the new location. Over time, I find that when I return to a place I have been before, I simply reinstall from the backup of that location - saves time and works great.