GL-AR300M with 1 directional and 1 omni antenna

I’ve been searching the forum for a bit and think I have the answer.

In WISP mode, I want 1 directional antenna to reach out to connect to the WiFi provider and the remaining stock antenna to act as the local WiFi antenna to connect my devices to so they can all share the 1 connection to the provider. I gather that this isn’t possible with the AR300M hardware.

Is there a way to accomplish what I want though? Have 1 antenna dedicated to a long range connection to the WiFi provider and have a lower gain omni directional antenna for local devices?

You can try this. It should work for some degree for your purpose. Cannot confirm.

Would be great if someone with RF knowledge could weigh in on the answer. Any antenna experts?

It’s definitely a try it and see thing. You’re degrading the local side’s performance by a bit when you peel one of the antennas off. Having said this, it’s been a bit of a common trick (with varying levels of success, mind) to do this sort of thing to create a WDS spanned network between buildings where you have enough “juice” on the local leg to allow everything to work and the two or more AP’s in the WDS use the directionals.