GL-AR300M16 cant update from 3.212 to 3.215 or 3.216

When i update the GL-AR300M16 Shadow from 3.212 to 3.215 or 3.216 the router get stucked on the “welcome” page. That first page were you configure the language and the main password. Does someone get trought this issue?
I thought about configuring the root password on the ssh terminal, but it still opens the “welcome” page when i access the
How can i bypass the “welcome” page?

I tested sysupgrade from 3.212 to 3.216 and it didn’t get stuck.
Could you login into ssh terminal, and print log:


What configuration did you make?

Thanks so much for the reply!!

I didn’t manage to do any configuration. The router wont let me access the “Admin Panel”.

I tryed to do the update from 3.212 to 3.215, i did on the “Online Upgrade”, “Local Upgrade” and U-boot. All of them ends the same way:
When i open the on the browser, it shows the “welcome” page as usual, ask about my language, and ask me to create a password. Then i type the password, click on “next” and nothing happens, forever.

I did the same with the 3.216, also tryed 3 times, via “Online Upgrade”, “Local Upgrade” and U-boot. Same thing happens, i never get to see the “Admin panel”.

Since i didnt get any results as you asked, i did the update to 3.216, loged in via “ssh root@”. And got the “logread”. As follows: (5.8 KB)

Its weird because the first thing that shows on the log is a bunch of errors:
Tue Mar 21 09:46:19 2023 kern.err kernel: [ 270.442011] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [4737ae]
Tue Mar 21 09:46:19 2023 kern.err kernel: [ 270.449050] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 4737ae, size 1a9b8

This isn’t normal, is it?

The files that i used:
Dont Work: openwrt-ar300m16-3.216-0321-1679391734
Dont Work: openwrt-ar300m16-3.215-0921-1663732630
Working: openwrt-ar300m16-3.212-0407

That’s abnormal. It looks like the flash has broken blocks.

If use uboot to flash version 3.212 back, it will work right?
Could you show logread on 3.212? It may tell some info about the flash because logread3.216 is
occupied by the same “SQUASHFS error” message.

Yes, when i do the rollback to 3.212 it works perfectly.
I did the “logread” on 3.212 as you asked: (8.6 KB)

The log appears okay.
To address if it’s a flash issue. Please use these commands in firmware 3.212

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/rand_file bs=2MB count=1
cat /sys/class/mtd/mtd*/ecc_failures

I guess the rootfs_data partition has a bad block.
Because 3.212 firmware is a little bit smaller than 3.215, that bad block doesn’t show up. so please do this test.

Okay, done it. As follows: (478 Bytes)

I dont know if its relevant. But maybe it can help with the troubleshooting. When i go to More Settings > Advanced > It shows me “Luci ERROR: Not installed yet!”. And bellow Free space: 6% (0 MB).
I tryed to use “lsblk” on the terminal but i don think it is installed

Oh, the output looks normal.

This is caused by the test command that eats flash size. So that’s okay.

I assume there’s a fixed/stable bitflip causing this issue.
You can try snapshot firmware
It may work because the binary is different than the release 3.216 firmware.
It could cover the bitflip.

Ok, done it. I did the update with the snapshot binary (openwrt-ar300m16-3.216-0419-1681841641.bin) that i got on the link you sent.

But the same problem that hapens with the 3.215 and 3.216 ocurred again. The router boots normaly but i never get to see the Admin Panel. I got stuck on the “Welcome” page.
I did get the logread both when i did the upgrade to the snapshot binary and when i did the rollback to 3.212. As follows: (7.8 KB) (8.8 KB)
Still got no luck =(
There are still hope?

It most likely a hardware issue. How long have you been using this device?
It’s hard to find the bad part without the hardware.

I’ve just bought it, been using it for 2 weeks now

Where you bought it?
It is best to replace the product. We will send the broken one back to the factory for analysis. Thank you for your feedback and helping debug so sar.

I’ve bought it on Amazon, i’ll ask for warranty then. Thank you so much for your time and help!

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