GL-AR300M16-ext boot loop

Hello, I have a newly purchased GL-AR300M16-ext (shadow) with an odd issue: When first set up, it runs perfectly fine for a few days, then without warning it completely stops responding. Reading the LEDs from the side opposite the ethernet ports: the left green LED is constantly lit, the other two are dark, except for ~30 seconds every ~5 minutes, where they will cycle like it’s trying to boot. During this brief period, it will respond to pings. Afterword, it returns to only the left LED being on, and it completely stops responding. Because of the short window of ‘uptime’, I am unable to connect to it to get any logs.

I have recovered it using Uboot (using openwrt-ar300m16-4.3.11-0320-1710939596.bin), which again lets it run for a few days before repeating this issue.

Any ideas on how to get this stable? My ultimate goal is to deploy this remotely, so I need it to be reliable.

If you haven’t tried it yet, try a different power adapter and cable, to eliminate possible power issues.

I use several ar300m routers and they are normally very stable.

Can’t hurt to give it a try, just need to scrounge up some alternates.
I’ll report back in a week if it hasn’t died again, or sooner if it does keel over.

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It looks like a reboot cycle. So pls do check the power adapter.
Also pls clarify if you have USB devices connected.

Only things connected are the LAN, WAN, power in, and the antennas that it came with.

No problems so far, though it usually takes another few days before it falls on it’s face.

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It's been a week, and the router is running running along just fine. I guess it was a power delivery issue. I'm glad it was an easy fix.

Thanks for the help!