GL-AR300M16 Shadow / 4.3.2 beta1

I’m not sure if this has been reported but I’m constantly having these speeds using the latest beta build.

19 Down and 35 Up or so using multiple servers, some close some far etc. Using version 3.216 I was getting 43 to 45 Up and 45 Down. This is using Wireguard of course.

Screenshot added for reference.

Nothing else to report on my end… Big thanks to the team.
Screenshot from 2023-06-28 15-32-50

We will check the wireguard speed.

Thanks for the feedback luochongjun. Let me know what you get on your end.

I updated by deleting all prior settings and starting from scratch. The router seems to function well so far except for the download and upload speeds… I tried servers close to me and others on the other side of the globe. The speed is pretty much the same.

On version 3.216 I was getting close to 50 up and down.

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I did some tests and the wireguard speed dropped by almost half after upgrading to openwrt 22.03, but when I went back to openwrt 21.02 or 19.07, the rate returned to normal,which I guessed was due to kernel effects.

Thanks luochongjun for your research and updates.

My question for you now, where do you go from here? What is next? Do you believe it’s the new kernel driver causing this issue?

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