GL-AR750: Connecting notebook via cable for operation

As our notebook is configured to allow wired connections only. I assume according to the manual page 2 that a notebook can be attached to the GL-AR750 via cable and the GL-AR750 connects via WiFi to the hotel network, so that the GL-AR750 act as a bridge. Is this working?

Yes, this is how I usually do it in hotels w/o wired Ethernet. That being said, in WiFi Repeater mode I believe it’s NAT, not bridged, but I’m not sure if that matters to you (FWIW, I prefer “NAT” in hotels, as some properties don’t isolate their network clients so other guests can access your devices directly (i.e., Chromecasts and TV dongles).

Hi Kenneth, many thanks for you reply. You are right, a NAT is better than a bridged mode. Best regards, Alex