GL-AR750 connection problems (DFS Not Supported)

I’m currently in Germany.
Just checked in at hotel.
Switched on my GL-AR750
New Connection and searching for WIFI.
Got the HOTEL-GUEST but it cannot be selected.
It’s written as XYZ HOTEL Guest (DFS) Not Supported and it’s gray faded
When I try to connect, I get the error “CANNOT UPDATE WAN”
There are many with different power signal, all with same name “XYZ HOTEL GUEST”, without any lock, but all gray faded and with (DFS) Not Supported"
Hotel is using Captive Portal page with ROOM/SURNAME as USERID/PASSWORD.

I can successfully connected with my laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

GL-AR750 is latest firmware.

Any explanation ?

The Country Code you have set on your AR750 does not work in Germany ie the AR750 is blocking the frequencies in use .
Go to Advanced UI (Luci)
Edit the wireless for the link to the hotel.
Select Advanced Settings
Set Country code to DE (Germany)
Click save and Apply.
This may also be in the standard UI, I don’t have access to one at the moment to check.

First of all thanks.
Second, sorry but it can’t be that.
Indeed I have setup the DE as country for WiFi on the day I step into first hotel in Sruttgart and it did work well.
I just reset the AR750 to factory defaults and re-setup just the WiFi country and problem persist in both configuration : default and DE WiFi country.
For absurd my AR300M is working well.


The DFS restrictions in Germany are quite strict.
However it may well be that the hotel has the incorrect country code set on their access points.
Try setting yours to GB and see if it makes a difference.
If that does not work try US.

DFS is not supported for certificate issue. AR750 can work as 2.4G client, can you use 2.4G wifi for repeater?

i noticed that in my AR750 in standard UI it was not possible to join to my 5G existing wifi, caused by DFS (i’m in Itay). I use the device only as a wifi client (wifi transmission is switched off) and VPN client. After i read the post 2 i managed to join my 5G net in LUCi UI. Now all seems to work, i’m connected to 5G wifi and also VPN client is working. The only thing is that i can’t see 5G connection in standard UI. Is this normal?
At the end i manage VPN client in standard UI (because i know how to set it there) and connection to 5G wifi in LUci UI. Is this correct?

as long as you can connect that is good.