GL-AR750 Dimensions

Which are the correct dimensions for the GL-AR750 router? The website lists 88-68-24mm. The User Guide lists 105-72-27mm. Please also correct the inconsistency.

If it helps, the above is correct for the 750S

The only 750S I see on the website is GL-AR750S-Ext. However, the photos show 100-68-24mm, not 88-68-24.

You can take a look here, i don’t have one to measure myself but:

It looks less than 90mm long. So, maybe the 88-68-24 is correct. Thank you!

The dimension for AR750(White) is 886823mm.

The right dimension of GL-AR750 is: 88mm-66mm-24mm.
And the dimension of GL-AR750S-Ext is: 102mm-66mm-24mm

There is no such product in the product page:

If it is the same product as the AR750S Slate, then your dimensions are incorrect - they are as I stated in post 2.

If you look at the FCC certification page, there are two variants of the AR750S, one with internal antennas (apparently not released through retail channels at this time) and one with external antennas, the AR750S-EXT, which is presently available as the “Slate”.

Reference, as the FCC site is unavailable during the shutdown

My measurements of the AR750S-EXT are 103 mm x 68 mm x 24 mm, 110 g, consistent with what has been posted. (Edit: My measurements include the antennas in their “stored” position, which potentially accounts for the differences in size.)

Very strange, because my slate (750S with external antenae) measures 88-68-24!

I think your measurements excluding the external antennas thick. 102 or 103 mm includes the external antennas thickness

Ah yes, you have probably solved the mystery!