GL-AR750-EXT connection to an industrial cloud service

Hello, I purchased a GL-AR750-EXT with the intent to use it to connect to remote machine networks. I’m not super familiar with cloud VPNs, but thought it would be worth a try.

I am familiar with the Talk2M industrial cloud and would like to attach this unit to my existing Talk2M account. Is the Talk2M industrial cloud the same as a Wireguard or openVPn service?

I’m not sure if this will work or not, but I thought I would ask to see if someone has done this before.

Thanks for the help!!

It is different from a vpn. It is complicated and needs to install their program.

The Talk2M VPN protocol used is Open SSL/Open VPN version 2.


On one side, the Ewon device establishes a secure VPN connection to a Talk2M cloud server using a UDP (1194) or TCP (443) port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server.

On the other side, the user establishes a secure connection (VPN or HTTPS) to the Talk2M cloud server which then acts as a relay to interconnect the two connections: the one from the Ewon device to the one from the user.


I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet, nor Ewon

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