Gl-ar750 file sharing in wisp or wds not working

Hi all,

Newbie here. I purchased this device to simply use it as a file share server. I have Verizon hotspot that I carry with me when i travel with my kids. What I wanted to do was simply piggyback off the Verizon MiFi to share the contents of the sd card or hard drive.

I connected the device selected wds and joined the Verizon MiFi. no problem. the issue is once I connect my laptop to the Verizon MiFi I cannot ping the ar750 or access the shared resources.

to gain access to the ar 750 I have to manually assign a static ip to my laptops wifi card to be able to log back into the ar750. Once I I log in, everything looks normal. Not sure what im doing wrong here.

I have set up repeaters before and never had these much problems, usually, when you add a repeater, devices attached to both aps see each other but not with the ar750.

I feel like there is some kind of routing issue or gateway issue.

I had version 2.27 and upgrded to the latest 2.272 in hopes to fix this issue with no luck

Can any one help?


wds may have some problems but wisp should just works fine.

Can you enable sharing on wan in sharing page of the UI when using wisp?