GL-AR750 iphone teathering "connection failed"

Teathered connection via iPhone (6+) was working a couple months ago then stopped. When I plug the lightning-to-usb cable, a “eth2” device is identified, and the “connect” button is active. Press “connect” and it does nothing, then times out with a …“connection failed” message. I upgraded to the latest firmware 3.203-0701, reset to factory defaults, and re-configured the router. Rebooted the iPhone. Tried 2 different cables. Same issue.

There are some steps to troubleshoot this problem.

First, you always need to change another lightning cable.

Second, the correct steps to set up:

  1. Connect eth2 and wait, until connect or failed
  2. Turn iphone hotspot off, wait several seconds and turn it on again, and wait to see if router connect

repeat the above

thanks, that helped!

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