GL-AR750 keeps disconnecting from wifi - where are the logs?


I’ve just bought a GL-AR750 which I am using in router mode. I live on a boat, and want to use the AR750 to connect two laptops to each other (for file-sharing) and to the marina wifi. I also want to run aria2 and AriaNg on it. I updated to the latest firmware, 3.027, as soon as I got it.

The wifi here has been a bit flakey the past month, and the connection frequently drops and has to reconnect.

I’m currently less than 10m from the nearest AP, which is on a 3m or 4m high post, about 1m from the end of my boat. My boat is 12m long, and I’m siting in the middle of it. I’m guessing the APs are MikroTik or something - I don’t know how many they have, but the marina is over 320m x 150m, and the wifi is obviously a professional installation.

On my MacBook the wifi is sometimes fine for days at a time, but the GL-AR750 seems more sensitive to it, and at best it’s staying connected for only 20 or 30 minutes at a time right now. Mostly the AR750 is losing the connection to the wifi every couple of minutes, perhaps staying connected as long as 5 or 10 minutes, and it’s infuriating.

Where can I find logs in order to diagnose this better, please? looks useful, but I can’t grep it or filter it, and I can’t copy and paste it. I’ve tried using find, looking for syslog and ‘log’ but am not finding it.

I can ssh into the box, which is great, but everything in /var/log/ and /var/log/cores/ is 2 days old.

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From SSH you can do logread

And to that end, logread -f while attached (over ethernet) will print out the statements as they happen.

It’s a circular buffer, so as new data is added, eventually the older data will roll out and get lost…

I’ve had the same issue …guess it’s a nvram issue
Just start by uboot … And start by downgrading the firmware . Don’t import previous settings …
Then … flash the the next one … till you get to the latest firmware …it’s exhausting … yet have resolved my troubles with my AR300M-ext
Just a side note … when trying to flash a tester firmware … use the latest stable version … go to root advanced settings … flash the tester firmware and make sure NOT to retain any settings from previous firmware

Good lucky …hop this will resolve your issue

I’m pretty sure my disconnections are primarily down to the wifi here, possibly collisions or the number of devices connecting to it, load on the AP’s or something like that. Something I can’t fix.

On a good day I can get 1000KB/sec downloads, and the router will stay connected for hours. On a bad day it disconnects every 2 minutes, which is incredibly frustrating. I spoke to another sailor on my pontoon yesterday, and he confirms the wifi has been awful here for years. If I connect my MacBook directly to the wifi, instead of through the GL-AR750, it occasionally disconnects too, but less often - it seems less sensitive to whatever the problem is.

What I’ve noticed is that logread -f works for about a day, and then I have to log into luci and restart the log daemon. Has anyone else experienced this, please?

I’m currently on firmware 3.027 (2019-10-09 20:00:36) - I’m pretty sure that’s the latest available. The firmware was not that much older when I received the router - it was a single upgrade to get it to this one.

You can find the latest here:

It is still labeled as testing but it is more stable and has more fixes than the one you are running. Give that one a try.

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