GL-AR750 Network Modes

I’m pretty network savvy but these routers are throwing me for a loop.

I am trying to configure a LAN without internet access for some of our work devices. I created a unit as a “gateway” to broadcast the primary network SSID and do the DHCP handling (This one is in Router mode)

Now I am trying to configure a second unit as a extender essentially which wirelessly connects to the gateway and repeats the signal.

Which is the preferred mode? Repeater or Extender? I have tried both but what through me is that they still broadcast their default network SSID. Do I need to manually change to match the gateway?

Note: I need to have the extender broadcast 2.4 and 5ghz frequencies.

Hey yes extender mode is the correct mode you want.

The big issue with extender/repeater mode is that generally you do have a seperate SSID from your main router and your extender unit. You can make them the same SSID but could have issues moving between the two units.

If you’re wirelessly extending then you’re best to extend on one band (e.g. 2.4Ghz) and then WLAN on the other (5Ghz) to get “full bandwidth” to your clients.

If you’re using wired devices on the extender end, then I normally just turn off the WLAN on the extender unit and use wired.

If you want the same SSID working “properly” you really need a mesh system.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Generally, most devices being connected wont be moving duing use. Long story short, we have a bunch of equipment that normally does Ad-Hoc networking but we need to convert to a external LAN. We take the equipment to different areas but are pretty stationary once its set-up until we unplug and disconnect everything once done. Sometimes we have more than one room (usually a room or 2 away) and thats why we are using the extender (only one extender, not a chain).

Most devices usually connect to the strongest SSID if more than one has the same name correct?

The biggest thing is making sure all devices connected to either the gateway or extender are able to communicate to eachother.


Couple of points based on your new comments:

  1. With one AR750 as a router and the second as an extender, the router will handle everything like DCHP so regardless of if a device attaches to the router or extender it will still be on the same subnet (default, so yes there will be no issue talking to each other
  2. My only recommendation re SSID would be to try manually changing the SSID on the extender to the same name and “suck it and see” :slight_smile:
  3. Regardless of if they are the same or different SSID, some clients MAY have issues swapping from one device to the other but whichever they attach to they’ll all be on the same subnet so be able to communicate
  4. If your units attaching to the extender are generally stationary then maybe better to have a different SSID and connect those closest to the extender to the extender SSID.
  5. Depending on your layout it may be advantegous to actually REDUCE the wifi strength so that the signal difference between the router and extender is more defined making “hopping” requirements for more mobile devices more distinct.
  6. Keep in mind the bandwidth implications of repeating and WLAN on the same band and the 50% loss due to “dual purpose”
  7. Look for the “ultimate” extender position, the balance between clients attaching to the extender and still getting a good “repeated” signal from the origin router.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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