GL-AR750 Performance Issues

I bought the GL-AR750 on Amazon.
I haven’t had much success with this device trying to use it as a repeater
Upgraded the firmware to version 2.27 with some improvement.

I used my local wifi to test and it wasn’t working. I have both 5G and 2.4G from the same router.
It would connect and then disconnect to my router . The AP GL-AR750-bec-5G would be there sometimes and go away leaving only the GL-AR750-bec. When it disconnects it eventually caused my Galaxy S5 to disconnect from AR750.

When using my cable companies access point to test I was able to achieve a connection that didn’t drop but when running if would disconnect me after doing the downstream test.

I don’t know how to get this to perform given I saw reviewers saying this device works. Did I get a bad unit?

I don’t understand why the GL-AR750-bec-5G AP vanishes. If I am connecting to a hotspot of 5G does the GL-AR750-bec-5G go away? I don’t get what this unit is doing.

I would like to see consistent behavior with the unit as I have done this with another router I converted to openWRT.

Any help getting this working reliably is appreciated.

If you connect to 5G wifi, the 5G signal may disappear during connection. If you connect to 2.4G wifi, the 2.4G wifi may disappear while connecting.

Can you tell me what is wifi you are trying to connect? Does the SSID contains special charters?

The router I am trying to repeat in my home is a D-Link DIR-868L Wireless-AC Router.
The SSID is “guestg” (5G) and its password is letters.
The GL-AR750 cycles trying to guestg network. So I can’t connect to 5G on my Dlink router.

When I use the SSID “guest” (2.4G) network and the same password is letters I am able to connect and use the GL-AR750 with good performance.

Not sure why it doesn’t work with 5G. Any ideas? I did find using at 2.4G the password having a special connection caused it not to connect.

Is there any performance boost suggestions or is having it repeat means it will half the max speed in my network? I’m usually doing 200M downstream. With repeat its gettting 80M. Is that normal?


The speed is normal because it is 2.4G. 5G should be better.

When you use as repeater, speed will be cut. If you use 2.4G as repeater, you can use 5G as AP so speed could be better.