GL-AR750 Travel Media Server

I am trying to use my new GL-AR750 as a travel media server (this is my 3rd GL-XXX)
I go many places with very limited internet so stream is unrealistic

I was going to install minidlna but it seems to be unavailable for the GL-AR750, but I would prefer a build for Plex.

Has anyone made wither DLNA or Plex work on a GL-AR750, if so how? Any other small media server ideas would work also

@dhilbish minidlna on OpenWRT and Discuss on LEDE forum.

@kyson-lok Thank you for the note, but the issue is minidlna is not a package that is available for the AR750. Installing that was my first choice.

The link you pointed out does not address that. did you have something else that I missed?

@dhilbish If command line is comfortable with you, you can do it conveniently. Downloading from here, then copy it to router via scp or winscp so on.

root@GL-AR300M:~# opkg install /tmp/minidlna_1.1.5-3_mips_24kc.ipk 
Installing minidlna (1.1.5-3) to root...
Installing libexif (0.6.21-1) to root...
Installing libsqlite3 (3160000-1) to root...
Installing libbz2 (1.0.6-2) to root...
Installing libffmpeg-mini (3.2.2-1) to root...
Installing libid3tag (0.15.1b-4) to root...
Installing libflac (1.3.1-3) to root...
Installing libogg (1.3.2-2) to root...
Installing libvorbis (1.3.5-1) to root...
Configuring libogg.
Configuring libexif.
Configuring libflac.
Configuring libvorbis.
Configuring libsqlite3.
Configuring libbz2.
Configuring libffmpeg-mini.
Configuring libid3tag.
Configuring minidlna.

Anyone got a DLNA that works with the GL-MT300N-V2 ? the one linked here does not work

@Nekora Do you want minidlna ipk for mt300n-v2?

that would be perfect if you found a working version.

Thanks @kyson-lok I am quite adept with command line and got mini-dlna working. Thanks for the tips.

Hi, I’m trying to get my AR750’s DLNA up and running as well. I did the command line install to no avail. I’m trouble shooting now and I’m curious, what firmware build was your router running on when you successfully activated your DLNA.
I’m currently running 2.27 and I’m wondering if I need to roll back to the older build.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I am using the latest version of firmware. I followed the instructions from the earlier post and installed form the command line with success.

Try this one: