GL-AR750S auto wireguard reconnection script?

I am connecting GL-AR750S via Ethernet behind the router of a bad ISP with a not reliable internet connection. Very often, the main router gets cut from internet. And the GL-AR750S losts the connection to WG (Mullvad).
And when the connection is good again, the GL-AR750S does not know it of course because it was still connected to the main router.

Please, could you point me to any solution or start of information to be able to make a script to allow reconnecting the WG client when the connection is back again ? For the moment, not being an expert, I probably not used the right wording and not found a solution.

Many thanks

Wireguard should be able to reconnect automatically without additional scripting.
This may be a problem if you are using old firmware, you can download the latest test firmware here.

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I am not OP but I don’t think the test firmware fixes the issue. I have a wireguard script connecting to Cloudflare Warp and my internet is FTTH is stable. WG seems to disconnect every few minutes on the 750S-Ext on 3.029 and 3.025 and the page ends up showing the Abort red button and the internet is down for all devices connected to it.

Hello. Thanks for your reply. I have installed the latest test firmware and installed it. It runs smoothly since 4 hours now. So, it seems to fix. Thanks a lot.

Hello MRizkBV : a quick tip because I already experienced such trouble. Are you sure your power adapter has enough power. I had to change mine for a 3A because I had a USB key attached and ten devices, the provided one was not powerful enough.

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I am using the power brick that came with it in the box. I might try another one. Thanks :slight_smile:

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What model do you have?

750S-Ext. The issue seems to happen only when using Cloudflare WARP. Does not happen when using my personal WG server. I would prefer WARP though as its free while my WG server on GCE which is really expensive (I use it for more important stuff).