GL-AR750S Client connected to not connect


I have a GL-AR750S setup as a sub router of my home router. I have 2 switches connected to each lan port of the GL-AR750S. I have 11 static leases configured (on the luci tab) with hostnames, IPs and MAC adresses also configured.

I am only seeing 5 clients on the client page yet all 11 are connected. Can someone point me to where the issue might be? Why are all the clients not being listed, all but 1 client seems to be able to talk with each other.

Thoughts? Is there documentation on how to set up Static IPs with the GL-AR750S?


Static IPs in GL.iNet UI are in the MORE SETTINGS → LAN IP page:

Active DHCP IPs in LuCI UI are in the Network → DHCP & DNS page.

You may also see the connected clients in LuCI UI in the Status → Routes page under ARP. On my GL-AR750S, this matches the clients shown in the GL.iNet UI CLIENTS page, but not all may be included:

Seems static IP has problem when displayed in the client list.

We redesigend the client list in firmware 4.x and hope it will fix these problems.

Thanks. After more testing, even though they are assigned static IP addresses, the ones showing up in the client list were listed under the Active DHCP leases list. Those are the ones that are pulled from the client list.