GL-AR750s disconnecting

Preformatted textWell….I bought this without reading the forum on this site. Which I should have done.
The slate does not work. It constantly disconnects. About every 30 seconds.
I bought this to pick up and repeat a public wifi connection which is the only one available to me at the moment.
Out of the box this is what I did. Plugged it in. Booted up and connected via glinet app with iPhone. Initialized. Set Admin password. Looked for open network in repeater. Saw it yet it had a lock icon beside it and asked for a password to connect….so I could not connect.
I used my phones cellular network to log into the admin page
On there I saw the open network without the lock icon beside it. Connected to it in repeater mode. I then switched my phone to the GL network in the wifi settings which took me to the captive portal web page. Quickly went into Glinet app and turned off the rebinding attack as per the instructions I read about. Returned to the Captive Portal log in website and proceeded to register the device.
(A little about the captive portal might need to be explained. It is provided by a telecom company of which I am a customer and can register up to 10 devices and have unlimited access to. I deleted all prior registered device and made sure the glar750s was the only one.) I then try to connect to the router wirelessly with my iPhone or iPad on either the 2.4g or 5G networkPreformatted texts being provided. It drops out sometimes within 10 seconds or last up to 30 seconds. (I should mention it drops the LAN side only) Then have to cycle wifi off and on again and try to reconnect. Won’t stay connected. I am about 3.5 meters from service access point. No obstructions.

Things I’ve done and tried.
Turned DNS rebinding attack on and off.
Lowered TX power on 2.4 and 5G to medium.
Clone Mac Address

The only way I can connect is using the tethering feature with my iPhone. (Which definitely is not what I want) I was able to update the firmware to 3.212.

I am definitely not the tech savvy computer engineer yet as an average consumer following the setup instructions out of the box this product does not work.
Any advice? Tips? Tricks? Magic updates?

I use a AR750s as my main travel router and I find it one of the better GL iNet devices for connecting to different access points. I’m not sure who your provider is, but Comcast has something similar and I was able to connect to it with my AR750s. Comcast uses a similar name for their open and their closed access points, and with the AR750s, I have to connect to their open access points to get it to work.

I did this by going into Custom DNS Server and turning off everything except Override DNS Settings for All Clients which I turn on, so my client will connect to the access point DNS server. I then use a PC as my client to finish the log in to the access point. The nice thing is once Comcast registers my router’s MAC address they stop putting up the access point login screen.

Sometimes the provider looks to see if you are re-transmitting, and then disconnects your device, if it see this. The logread command, which you can get to with ssh, can show if that is happening. You can sometimes get around this by connecting on one band and then only turning on the client WiFi on the other band. So for Comcast, I turn on the WiFi radio for 2.4Ghz to connect to my clients, and turn off the 5Ghz WiFi, as that is what I’m connecting to Comcast, as in my area they were only using 5Ghz for their access points.

I am currently running 3.212 firmware on my AR750s which is working better then any of the other 3.2xx firmware I have tested. In someways I prefer 3.105 firmware, as it seemed more stable, but it is a multi-step process that takes a Windows PC to get back to the 3.105 firmware, and 3.105 has some known security bugs.

I agree that setting up and getting a GL iNet router to work in some cases is way harder then it should be. Good luck.

My GL-AR750S Slate almost always disconnects if WWAN and WLAN are on the same wifi band, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. It is much more reliable to have WWAN and WLAN on separate 2.4GHz/5GHz bands.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

For me, it depends on the place and sometimes takes some experimentation. At the Airbnb I’m now at, in a very populated area, the 2.4GHz band is totally saturated, so I’m using my AR750s on 5GHz for both WWAN and WLAN, as performance was very bad using 5GHz for WWAN and 2.4 for WLAN. Its been stable running this way at this location. At other places, having WWAN and WLAN on different bands is the only way to have my router stable.

Sure be nice if GL iNet was able to automate the settings for the best performance. I don’t seem to have problems getting my PC or phone to connect to the different WiFi access points, but every time I move, I’m never sure if the routers going to just work, or if I’m going to be playing around with it for a few days to try to make it functional.