GL-AR750S-Ext + Google Pixel + Easy Tether Disconnection Issues

I have the GL-AR750S for USB tethering purposes and I have been trying a number of configurations for the past few months (due to coronavirus I have moved to a rural location with limited internet)

I was first using iPhone 7 but speeds would be reduced as I was not able to fully hide tethering (my ISP allows tethering but limits speeds). I could not get around this with TTL change or VPN so I now I am trying Google Pixel. The easytether speeds are great, but even after changing to better cords will often disconnect. Disconnect is sometimes a few minutes apart and requires me to unplug and replug in the cord. The Pixel is on Android 10 and the Slate is on 3.104. Does anyone have any tips on how i could either fix the disconnection issues or a script I could write to simulate the unplugging and reconnecting of the USB port when connection drops? Alternatively, more tips on how to use the iPhone tethering more reliably would work too, I am very open to finding any alternative solution.

Any help is appreciated!

What did you try, as many have reported success on here (iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -j TTL --ttl-set 65 ==> custom firewall rules).

Have you considered trying a using your phone as a wireless hotspot instead of cabling?

Thank you for your response! I have tried that rule and it seems like it helps with the speed, especially the Pixel. The ISP limits tethering to single digit speeds while tethering and I am easily able to get over that. The Pixel will disconnect often however. For the iPhone I also get good speeds and then about a day later everything will be brought down to below one Mbit per second. At that point I can switch to a different iPhone with a different SIM on the same provider and then I get fast connection once again until it goes down. Do you mean using the Slate as a hotspot repeater or just the phone’s native hotspot? I have tried both and it’s basically the same response, good speeds until some time is passed and then it gets slow. Being rural I am trying to avoid the constant resetting up the hotspot so I am hoping the Slate can help with that.