GL-AR750S-Ext internet super slow when using OpenVPN

Model: GL-AR750S-Ext
GL-Inet Software: 3.104

Currently having issues with internet speeds once VPN is turned on. Uisng VPN Policy to exclude laptop from the vpn, the connection is constantly timing out a resetting with a max download speed around 20kbps. Turning off the vpn speeds go back up to normal.

Tested the same configuration and setup on GL-MT300N-V2 and the problem does not exist. Internet speeds are consistent with or without vpn enabled or with or without using the vpn when its enabled.

I have already reset the GL-AR750S-Ext back to factory and tried again with no luck, any other ideas what to check or troubleshoot?

Model: GL-AR750S-Ext
GL-Inet Software: 3.104
openvpn-openssl: 2.4.5-3
WAN connection 250/250 mbit/s

I think I have the same or a related problem with the same setup as you.
With OpenVPN client connected to a pfsense box and VPN Policy enabled to only route traffic designated for the remote LAN through the tunnel I get Internet speeds around 1.5/0.5 mbits.

With OpenVPN Client disconnected speeds are 250/250. By looking at the routes in the AR750 and using tracert commands I can see that all traffic except the one designated for the remote LAN is not sent through the tunnel.

Can’t really understand why non-VPN traffic get so slow.

EDIT: Look here and try the firmware in the link further down in that thread. It worked for me

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Sweet, thank you sir! Fixed mine as well. The issue is now completely gone so far.

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its happening to me on 3.203 but all firmware links are dead in your link. do you have a backup i can use?