GL-AR750S-EXT - MAC Cloning on WiFi Interface doesn't retain after reboot


I have GL-AR750S running 3.009. I’ve been using cloning the wired WAN port and it has been solid. I switched to using WiFi for connecting to the WAN (hotel wifi on 2.4Ghz). However, it does not seem the cloned MAC is retained after a reboot. In the admin panel in the GUI, the cloned MAC does show as applied in the drop-down for “Your Router (WAN)” but if I do a ifconfig the “wlan-sta” interface shows the default mac address. If I go into the GUI and reenter my cloned mac again it works immediately and the “wlan-sta” interface in the CLI shows it changed.

Has anybody had this problem and found a work around?

When you attempt to clone the MAC address in the GL-iNet WebUI - check in the “advanced” OpenWRT LUCI and see if the settings were applied there.

Quick Tip on cloning the WiFi MAC - disconnect from the host AP, then do the MAC clone, and then reconnect…