GL-AR750S-EXT Slate, FW 3.215 Beta, How to deactivate http access for Admin Panel and LuCI?

GL-AR750S-EXT Slate
FW 3.215 Beta

By default its possible to use http and https for access to Admin Panel and LuCI.
How to deactivate http support, without to deactivate the https support for this ?


Change /etc/lightppd/lighttpd.conf
Change port to 443

Change /etc/lighttpd/config.d/30-openssl.conf

Comment out these two lines

Then restart lighttpd

/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

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THX Alzhao,

that’s are a interesting way to do it by hand that possible work only up to the next FW update.

The Plugin “lighttpd-mod-redirect” is available on GL routers. Its possible to do the asked one or at minimum a redirection from http to https on possible a more easy way ?


Yes it is possible. https browser warning is a problem so we don’t put this in development schedule.

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To answer a “error message” onetime by Yes I like to stop to blow my data around by a good known unsecure way, is a small price for the benefit of a little bit more security.

Anything to do before and after installing the “lighttpd-mod-redirect” Plugin, pe. configure a menue or a file ?

Now I installed the “lighttpd-mod-redirect” plugin. Its looks like it dosnt change anything for me. It can be, its need to configure some thing on a not known place, by me.

I didn’t try. But for sure you need to config that.

Pls check this post configuration - Lighttpd 1.4.45 - HTTP to HTTPS redirects not replacing ${url.authority}${url.path}${qsa} - Server Fault