GL-AR750S-Ext - Slower Internet speeds when iPhone tethering

I’m using a GL-AR750S-Ext and it’s fantastic so far, but when I’m tethered to my iPhone’s 4G connection, my speeds are a lot slower than on the actual device. I’ve tried connecting my PC via LAN and Wifi (with no other devices connected) and I get roughly half the speed (40Mbps vs 100+ on the device)

Is this expected performance or can I fix this?


I think it is normal speed.

no it’s no normal. If you connect phone direct to pc with usb cable with tethering you get full speed

I get ~60 mbps which is full speed over 4G.

iPhone tethering on router is slow. It is slower than if you test on iPhone or using pc/Mac.

Now on iOS14 it even does not work.