GL-AR750S-EXT Upgraded to 4.3.7 - Questions

Upgraded from 3.216 to 4.3.7 last night, no issues but have a couple of questions …

Status->Firewall … get the following message in a yellow box at the top of screen
#### Legacy rules detected
There are legacy iptables rules present on the system. Mixing iptables and nftables rules is discouraged and may lead to incomplete traffic filtering.
Open iptables rules overview… Dismiss
What does this mean and do I have to do anything so it gets removed ??

Network->DHCP and DNS->Static Leases …
I had all these setup in 3.216 and had a Backup done before updating to 4.3.7.
Can I use the 4.3.7 Restore via Luci to get these back or would that corrupt the 4.3.7 ??
If I need to manually set them up again not too much of an issue, just time consuming.

It is recommended to do a factory reset and manually set up again.
Keep the backup file in case of looking for some old settings.

Thanks, I’ll do that over time. No need to rush as the clients appear with their correct details in the Clients tab in the GUI.

p.s. How to go about fixing the Legacy rules detected issue in the Luci->Status->Firewall section ??
I only use the WAN & LAN ports, with the occasional phone Tethering via the USB if the main connection goes down due to issues or maintenance.
If I remove the mwan3 (uninstall) would that be the fix without causing any other problems ??

It’s just a warning, no fault as our observation. Just click OK.

Thanks, I usually don’t go into there but went through all the menus/sub-menus after the upgrade from 3.216. As you say it has no effect I’ll just leave it, maybe the message might be removed in future updates.

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