GL-AR750s - External USB transfer speed disappointment

Just got AR750s which seem to be huge disappointment. External USB 2,5" HDD attached on it and getting 2,5MB transfer speed with read. Same disk attached to laptop USB2 port gives ten(!) times more speed, 25MB.

  1. 2.5MB transfer speed to where?
  2. Does the external disk have it’s own power supply?
  1. to laptop
  2. it does not, Not sure how to achieve it as the plan was to get all things to work with power bank.

By wireless? Then of course the transfer rate will be slower than direct USB cable!

Try a different wireless channel and encryption settings etc.

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Yes, wireless. Of course it´s slower than direct, but still ten times less via wireless than direct it´s far too low transfer rate. Tried USB stick connected to Slate and still about 2-2,5MB transfer rate with file copy. So it´s not a power issue. Here are no interference with the WiFi channels.

Anyone else having test results from transfer rates?

2.5MByte speed on the USB is not bad for this little chip. It cannot compete with pc which is really different grade cpu.

Ok, thanks. Then my expectations just wasn’t from this world :slight_smile: