GL-AR750S High Load and Dropping Network

I recently bought a GL-AR750S and have upgraded it to the latest firmware with the plan to use it on the cruise I am currently on. The router however consistently maintains a high load (3+) and drops internet connection at varying times. Sometimes it lasts for about 30 seconds other times 30 minutes. Looking for any recommendations on what I can do to help address this issue. I’ve reverted to default settings multiple times and have only setup the 2.4g/5g wireless settings and connected to the ship’s wireless internet. No additional software packages or configuration changes have been made, though I would like to add some when the device is stable. The ship’s wireless seems to be stable, for the most part, so I don’t have a high degree of confidence the issue is on their end. The System Log also shows multiple entries of “‘wlan-sta’ link is down” and “‘wlan-sta’ link is up”.

Thanks in advance!

Please confirm the firmware version number, the latest version please go to the following link to download:

@wellnw Thank you for the support!

I was able to get the wireless working, but I’m not specifically sure if the latest change or a combination of them resulted in it being, seemingly, stable for the moment. I was previously using firmware 3.025 but downgraded the firmware to 3.009 just to test and see if that had any improvement. With mainly default settings, there was no change and the issue persisted. A few factory resets later (3.009 still) and a lot of configuration changes I still didn’t have much luck.

Over time I’ve been using LuCI more than the GL.iNET admin panel and the following changes were made in LuCI. This morning though I disabled the 5G network while keeping the 2.4G on. Afterward, I setup the 5G network to connect to the ship wi-fi as client. All of this was configured through LuCI and the GL.iNET admin panel still shows me not having a WAN connection, but all of my devices have a solid connection, so far, and I haven’t see the “down” messages in system logs since. So, effectively, right now 5G is my wifi-wan while 2.4G is my client wifi.

While I do have a more stable connection atm, the system still maintains a high load average with uptime showing “load average: 4.40, 2.98, 1.83”. I can test with the linked 3.026 firmware later today, but it may not be for at least a few hours.

Thank you again!

Thank you for your test, you can modify the speed in the wireless interface, and change the 300M to 144.4M, which will be more stable.

Good evening, @wellnw

I tested with version 3.026 as well as 144.4M and I wasn’t able to notice an improvement with the upstream wireless when the wifi is configured in client mode. I’m still using 5G as my wan connection and 2.4G as my connection to devices such as laptops and mobile phones. That seems to be the most stable option at this point… except for roaming. The ship has multiple APs configured with similar SSID addresses with the intent to allow for wireless roaming, I assume. I’m not sure if it’s OpenWRT, GL-AR750S, or something else that is causing it, but whenever I get out of range of one device, the router just looses connectivity. I’m able to re-scan and connect to a new, closer AP just fine, but it feels like wifi roaming so be doable as well.

Thanks again!

Yes, you are right. In your environment, you use AP to do wifi coverage. All wireless networks have the same SSID. When you switch from one to another, you will disconnect and the route cannot roam directly.