Gl-ar750s - internet through USB WiFi adapter?

I picked up a gl-ar750s the other day and of course have been playing around with it ever since…I absolutely love this little thing! I plan on making it my WiFi AP that I use to connect to networks that aren’t “trusted” like my home network. That being said, I won’t have access to an ethernet port on every network. I’ve ordered a newer dual band AC adapter that I will dedicate to this to this router but in the mean time, I’m playing around with an older 2.4 Wireless N adapter that I temporarily stole from a different project of mine. I’m able to connect to my home WiFi but it seems like it’s not routing the internet to the gl-ar750s lan. Is there something I missed selecting in the web-ui or do I have to ssh in and manually execute commands?

I figured I would ask the community before I bust out my notes from the old Pinneaple days when it was seriously an off the shelf Alfa router. Plus, I felt like I should post something since this is my first gl-inet device and it’s a brand new account!

P.S. Any other little tips/tricks for the 750s that you think will be beneficial is welcomed! :slight_smile:

If you added a new interface, you need to set its interface in the wan zone in firewall.

So you can post /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall for reference.

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