GL-AR750S No internet

Using GL-AR750 as router connect to nbn box from 100M ethernet, connect all computer from wifi. shows no internet connection. Can PPPoE, get IP address, Ping, nslookup and traceroute looks good but couldn’t open any web page from internet as well as using apps access internet. Take cable from GL-AR750, using pppoe dailer on computer, it works. so what can I do to fix this issue?

Many Thanks!

It seems that your dns is down. Maybe your ISP has limitation in DNS.

Can you change manual DNS? You can check if the DNS obtained by AR750 form your ISP is the same as the DNS obtained by your computer.

You can also set up encrypted DNS on AR750

Many thanks for reply. This morning I initial my 750 router, it works. so far so good.
thanks again!