GL-AR750S not showing up in Available networks

The device does not show up in Available networks on my iPhone or laptop. I have reset it numerous. times. returns a null error.

What is the LED status?

Can you use a cable connect to the lan port and get IP address?

I tried connecting with Ethernet, but I couldn’t. Nothing happened.
The normal LED to the left is on. During reset it blinked in three sequences then stayed on with a solid green light.

If only one LED is on it is not normal.

Is this a new device or old one? I mean is this the first time you use it or you have used it before without problem.

Usutally need to chekc the power adapter first. Just try a different one.
Then need to check if firmware failed. If this is the case may need to reflash the firmware.

I’ve used it before several times. I’ve had it about three months. I’ll try another cable and power supply. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

How do I flash firmware if I can’t connect to it?

Use uboot: