GL-AR750S OpenVPN Connects but no Data

I have a Synology NAS running OpenVPN and have connected to it from inside and outside my LAN using other clients (iPhone OpenVPN client, Windows 10 client, etc). I’m currently testing the GL-AR750S and have it connecting as a router to my LAN (Asus RT-AC66U running DD-WRT). I loaded my OpenVPN config file on the GL-AR750S and I can connect to the OpenVPN server on the Synology (both the GL-AR750S and Synology acknowledge the connection) but I can’t get any data to flow. Is there something I’m missing?

Can you use this in other client, e.g. windows, linux, or smartphones?

Please check if there are some settings preventing this in your server.

I had Asus router openvpn server and had similar issues Connect to home server - #8 by alzhao

Without turning on VPN on the GL-AR750S I can connect with other clients (iPhone, windows 10 laptop) from outside my network. I’m running the OpenVPN server from a Synology NAS, not the Asus router. When I turn on VPN on the GL-AR750S, it connects to the VPN server, but there isn’t any transmission of data.

Can you check if your synology server has some settings related to data traffic? Also check DNS settings. You can set DNS for the vpn and try.

Ok, I got it working. I had to enable ‘redirect-gateway’ in the OpenVPN configuration file.