I am new to this router so apologies if I have missed something.
I have configured my new AR750S with custom DNS server settings so “DNS over TLS from CloudFlare” is enabled. This seems to work fine.
However, when I connect the OpenVPN client it seems that the OpenVPN DNS config is ignored and DNS requests are still sent to Cloudflare rather than the DNS servers configured in the OpenVPN conf file. This is a problem as I cannot access resources inside my VPN.
If I disable all custom DNS server settings the VPN works correctly. But I do not want to have to constantly turn setting on and off depending on whether I use my VPN or not.
What I would like to happen is that the custom DNS server settings are observed when the VPN is not running. But once the VPN is running I would like it to observe the DNS settings configured in my OpenVPN conf file.
Is this possible?

That’s how it works…

DIsable the CloudFlare DNS stuff, and you’ll be right as rain…

I get that it works… But that is not very user friendly! It is a pain in the a*rse to have to login to the UI to change the settings everytime I want to use the VPN and also maintain security when not using the VPN.
It would be nice if there was a switch somewhere along the lines of “Override custom DNS server settings when using VPN”, or “VPN DNS overrides custom DNS server setting” so that this could be automated.