GL-AR750S port forwarding not working

I’m running 3.105 and am trying to port forward RDP from the wan to Raspberry Pis on my internal wireless network. For the record, I can connect to the RPis using RDP just fine from my internal network, so all IP addresses and listening ports are correctly configured.

Editing the Firewall in the non-advanced part of the gl.inet admin panel was not successful. That is, adding conventional forwarding rules accomplished nothing.

I then went to the advanced settings under Network/Interfaces/WAN and turned on the bridge and included eth0.2 (lan, wan,wan6) and both wireless interfaces (2.4G and 5G) (no guests). That allowed forwarding to work for a short time (I could scan the public IP of the router and see the RDP port open, and of course a remote desktop connection worked fine); however, this setup did not survive a reboot of the router. That is, after a router reboot, the settings all looked the same, but port forwarding stopped and scans of the public IP again showed no ports open. I have verified through the reboot that the public IP address has not changed.

After pulling my hair out for a long time trying different settings, I worried that I might have made things worse, so I reverted the firmware to factory settings and started again, but this time not even creating the bridge works – there is no evidence that port forwarding works at all.

I would like to confirm: to accomplish what I want to accomplish, I need only create the entries in the non-admin firewall interface, and then turn on bridging, is this correct? Is there anything else I need to be doing? Should I revert to a specific earlier version of firmware? Any hints at all?

I’m happy to provide any screenshots needed to help troubleshoot.

Port forward should be easy.

Are you using vpn etc? Any extra settings did you use?