GL-AR750S / Slate box came today - without manual

Got my super early bird Slate AKA GL-AR750S today, but there is no manual in the box for set-up instructions…are they available online somewhere?

The sticker on the bottom has the IP and default password and is enough to get me going. Seems to be a nice router so far, and I like the new 3.0 GUI. Just struck me as unusual no manual…is that intentional?


No manual on mine as well but I don’t remember my GL-AR300M coming with one either. I’m pretty sure the only manual was online.

I’ve got a AR300M too, it definitely has a manual - I wrote notes all over it and am looking at it right now :smiley:

Strange… I just remember mine coming in a generic plastic / bubble wrap envelope with nothing in it but the router. Then again, I picked one up shortly after release so maybe they added more later in production.

You can read the online manual.

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@kyson-lok: Can this model be de-bricked as easily as the other -750 model? If so, “Manual? Who needs a manual?!” :slight_smile:

@kennethrc Yeah! All GL.iNet routers support de-bricked on the same way.