GL-AR750S Slate rootfs to sdcard


What is the “right way” to move some of what I install off of root and onto the large SD card I have installed in my Slate?


The first question would be, “What do you have that exceeds the capacity of the 128 MB of NAND?”

From that, a reasonable path could be selected. Moving OS off the NAND is much more complicated (especially with upgrades) than is moving data files.

So the problem was that I installed oh-my-zsh, as root, which of course filled a lot of /root. I crossed my fingers, moved /root to /mnt/sda1/root and symlinked it, and everything seems to be behaving normally.

My next challenge is trying to make NFS work when OpenWRT’s NFS server doesn’t appear to have a “mapall” option, so unless my client is saying it’s uid/gid 0, it is denied access.