GL-AR750S Slate w/miniPCIe to USB Enclosure

Hi All,

So I recently purchased a GL-X750 Spitz which included the Quectel EC25-AF (LTE CAT4) modem. I decided to upgrade it to a Quectel EP06A (LTE CAT6) modem for CA (Carrier Aggregation) support. After successfully doing the upgrade, I now had a spare Quectel EC25-AF and an old GL-AR750S Slate lying around. I knew there were miniPCIe to USB enclosures for WWAN cards so I picked one up just for the fun of it to try it out with the GL-AR750S since it supports 3G/4G USB modems. Happy to say, it works like a charm without any additional tweaking and pretty much operates exactly like my GL-X750 Spitz.

The included antennas for the enclosure were garbage, so I ordered the a pair of the Taoglas TG.55.8113 antennas for it. I will get them early next week. Here are some pictures.






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I is so nice to see you setup!

Thanks for sharing.