GL-AR750s unable to debrick even on windows

I have recently purchased a AR750s and I an unable to perform the debrick process EVEN on a windows machine, AND with a supposedly compatible uBoot from (Aug 16 2018 - 07:51:15). I have also updated to the latest stock firmware, but still unable to access the uboot interface.

I have tried also using a Linux machine, with the same results. There is no response from at all no matter what i do.

What am I missing?

Uboot does not have relationship with your firmware. So upgrading your firmware does not affect uboot.

to use uboot web failsafe, the key is to obey the sequence:

  1. Plug only one cable to the router from your windows. Do not plug 2 cables to the router
  2. Hold down the reset button
  3. Power on the router, wait and see one LED flashing, until another LED light up
  4. Release your finger.
  5. Set your static IP in your windows (you can do this first) and open your browser.

Check out the videos linked from here

I managed to resolve this issue. For reference, I had change to use a CAT5e cable. The cable that I was using was probably a CAT5 cable. Very obscure issue but there you have it.

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