GL-AR750s - What am I doing wrong?

Good morning all and happy new year!

I purchased a Slate this week, to extend my home wifi signal to the back garden, so I can connect my ASI Air Pro (AAP) to my home network, when using my telescope and mount for astrophotography outside. The AAP is a small raspberry pi computer, that provides connectivity to ASI software on an iPad or similar, that allows a user to operate the astro mount remotely, use astro cameras etc etc. I was hoping to operate the mount from inside my house, rather than be outside in the freezing cold!

I have followed the instructions as best I can, but frankly, I must be doing something wrong and was hoping the community could help me out and let me know how to correct my mistakes?

  1. I connect to the Slate via wifi and then to the web admin panel. No issues with this.
  2. Internet: I connect the Slate to my home wifi, via the Repeater section. No issues with this
  3. Wireless: I do nothing on this page…should I?
  4. Clients: the AAP is listed as a client…is there anything else I should be doing?
  5. Upgrade, Firewall, VPN, ApplicationsI do nothing on these pages…should I?
  6. More Settings - Network Mode: I select Extender mode to my home wifi and Apply. I lose Admin Panel access at this point in time, which I believe is to be expected…is there anything I should have done differently here?
  7. I connect the Slate to my AAP, via an Ethernet cable from the WAN port on the Slate to ethernet in port on the AAP.
  8. I open the AAP app on my iPad, having selected my home wifi network and connect to the AAP via my home wifi. I then take the whole astro rig outside, with the AAP and Slate connected as per 7)…am I doing something wrong here? On my iPad I could potentially connect to three different networks - home wifi (which I’m hoping has been extended), the AAP hotspot or the AR750s hotspot…which should I be connecting to?
  9. My iPad loses wifi halfway from the house, which clearly indicates that the Extender/AR750s is either not working as I expected or I have done something wrong…am I connected to the Extender do you think?

Sorry for the above long description, but hopefully it will help identify where I am going wrong. Happy to answer any clarifying questions.

Many thanks in advance


Setting up extender is correct. After this, connecting to your home wifi or AR750s is the same.

You may connect your AAP to the LAN port of AR750s, not wan port.

Your ipad connect the your home wifi? It should not loose wifi.