Gl-arn300m-lite after update is break

I did update firmware on gl-arm300m by this Firmware Upgrading - GL.iNet Docs tutorial.
Only I connected to the device via Wi-Fi during the firmware update, and not via the Internet cable. The update was successful, but after restarting the device does not turn on the Wi-Fi and I can not connect to the device.
When turned on, it now turns red and 2 green lights, the green lights go out, the red starts to flash a second 15-20 and then turns red. Green does not light up later. And how can I connect to the device now?

What’s the firmware did you flash?

Could you please debrick it follow the guide Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs?

You should find the firmware from GL.iNet download center

I try flash gl-ar300m-sysupgrade.bin firmware. I try in uboot mode upload this bin file. The device is successfully flashed, I wait for 5 minutes, then I try to restart, but the device does not contact, it is connected via a wired connection to the computer, after starting the device the address does not open.
I can’t download GL.iNet download center this firmware, problem with site, where i open this link, i get error " Could not load objects from S3".

Seems you flash a wrong firmware.

You should download the one which kyson told you.

If you cannot download seems your browser blocked some scripts. Pls check your Adblock or try another browser.

I try IE,Google chrome, firefox and failed this link download. I haven’t adblock. You can confirm that GL.iNet download center this you now successfully download files ?