GL-ATX1800 No "Clients" Listed

Been upgraded for a while with Version 4.4.6 Firmware Type release 1,
everything appeared to be working correctly.

Today I go to “Admin Panel v4.4.6” and when I click on “Clients” Tab
I don’t see any “Clients” and get "Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device. "

I rebooted router to see if that would clear the error and it does not clear the error.
Same results and error as above.

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I found this

and logged in using Putty and tried [ -s “/etc/config/gl-black_white_list” ] && sed -i ‘s/option mac/list mac/g’ /etc/config/gl-black_white_list

and everything came back in “Admin Panel v4.4.6" on “Clients” Tab
also came back on “glinet app”

I could always see them in Luci, Strange

i decide to go back to the fw 4.2.3 the latest 4.4.6 too buggy in my opinion

That Might be the best alternative for now, I will have to write down all my assigned Ip Addresses and backup my AdGuard Custom Filter Rules and all my AdGuard DNS Block Lists since I added xtra stuff.

Then just start with clean slate of Firmware 4.2.3

I should of bought 2ea of the GL-AXT1800 like I did when I bought the 2ea of the GL-AR750S-Ext / Slate. :slight_smile:

that made trying out new stuff easier for :slight_smile:

Grab a copy of /etc/config/dhcp off your old router… This has all your static IPs in it. You can use this as a master list to do everything manually or also use this file to transfer your static ips to other routers

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Thanks I made a backup copy of that :wink:

If you then want to transfer your static ips to another router, then what I do is to open up the new dhcp file on the new router (via WinSCP or similar) and then open the DCHP off the old router and copy and paste all the config host entries and paste them into the new DHCP after the last default line in the new DHCP file.

A reboot then shows lots of unknowns but gradually as things settle down, the client host names will start to populate.

config dhcp ‘secondwan’
option interface ‘secondwan’
option ignore ‘1’

config host
option mac 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"
option ip ‘’
option dns ‘1’
option name ‘Switch-Lounge-Camera’

config host
option mac ‘yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:’
option ip ‘’
option name ‘Retreat-Hub’

Similarly to bring across all my Wireguard client configurations i just copy across /etc/config/wireguard_server which saves me having to create and download new client configs for all my devices.

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Thank you, I learned something new from you today