GL-AX1800: DDNS not running after reboot

DDNS is configured. Works correctly when manually Started / Stopped. Gets the IP address correctly.
When I restart my GL-AX1800 DDNS does not start …
Of course I could just manually start it each time I restart the router but prefer it start on its own .

I just checked.

Seems after the system just boot, ddns failed to update because network unvailable etc.

But it should update again after 10 minutes.

The DDNS service doesn’t automatically start after a system reboot, at all …

If I manually launch the DDNS service then it auto-updates just fine.

It just seems that there’s a timing issue with the automatic startup of the DDNS service.

Would it be possible to add some DDNS service startup instructions in a configuration file that’s maybe being executed later in the startup? …and what would those instructions look like — I can’t imagine they’d be too complicated.

ANYWAY, I super love the product … it just needs a little help getting the DDNS service launched at system startup. Meanwhile, I just remember to manually launch the DDNS service every time I start the router.

Thanks guys,

In my test ddns script did run after reboot. There is just a error message in log.

Can you check if there is any log?

logread |grep ddns

Life stepped in and I had to step away from the router for a while …

I’m going to reset to “factory defaults” and start over. I will post here with results when I can —